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What We Do

China presents significant opportunities. However, the challenges to successfully navigate the Chinese market are numerous.

There are certainly cultural differences when doing business in China. However, it is not the culture, but the complexity of the Chinese system that requires business savvy to navigate through the fluidity, ambiguity and lack of transparency.

Bridge to China, LLC helps to bridge the gap between the East and West. We focus on the marine industry by leveraging over 10 years of experience, especially to help yacht and cruise organizations enter the Chinese market.

With our incomparable network and resources, we create value and deliver results by opening the door and helping you enter the Chinese market efficiently and effectively.

Problems we help to solve

  • You travelled to China and are now tangled in the complex Chinese network. Who is the decision-maker?
  • You signed the contract and carried out your agreement with the Chinese partner. After the 1st payment, excuses after excuses and the 2nd payment never comes. What to do?
  • The spending habits of rich Chinese shock you, but the contract has never been signed. Should you keep hoping?
  • You arrive in China to close a deal, but business specifics have changed. Should you proceed?
  • The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed some time ago and the Chinese company keeps asking you to provide information. The pretext is that you are now business partners and you should help each other to develop business. The constant flow of information going outside of your company makes you start to worry whether your company will benefit from the MOU?
  • You received hundreds of business cards at meetings and conferences. Who are the real partners to move forward with?
  • Chinese companies contacted you through your website. After several rounds of email, you never heard from them again. Why?

Our Services


There is no brokerage system in China for yachts and cruise ships as in the U.S. We are the first step to link you to the proposed Chinese buyers, conduct pre-screening and handle the due diligence before your team can get involved for technical and financial preparations. Then we work side-by-side to arrange surveys, navigate border regulations, and prepare documentation. We can also help arrange refitting and crew training before the smooth delivery.


Doing business has never been easy, especially in China. Even after the contract signed, you will still come across many challenges along the way. We often hear "I have this problem", "I do not understand", and "Why are the Chinese doing this?" In these situations, we work towards solutions to overcome barriers. Oftentimes, this involves picking up on nuances that are not only related to culture differences, but more to understand the business dynamics for the specific transaction.


Business development takes time, and can take much longer to have a fruitful business transaction from China. Bridge to China is an insider of the Chinese society and Chinese organizations look to us to enter the cruising and yachting industry. We know the needs and requirements from both sides, which results in productivity and transactions. We can effectively conduct international business development for you in the Chinese market.